I would like to share with you a recount of a friends experience of diaper discipline. He was a cronic bed wetter and his mother felt that diapering and babying him would make it stop. Later his aunt also does it to him for bed wetting. The following is Glenn's true story about a painful time of his life.

    My story begins like many others. I was forcibly potty trained at a very young age, and as a result, my ability to be dry at night wasn't quite as good as it needed to be. My mother used cloth diapers and felt children had to be completely train by 18 months.

     She just would not accept the fact I wasn't wetting the bed on purpose, and decided it was best to punish me for it. Mom was one of those "punishment should fit the crime" people, and for that I paid dearly. I don't remember much about the younger years, but the years after age four were very clear. Looking back on my life I would have probably been much different if she had been more patient with me.

      Whenever I woke up with a wet bed she would get very angry and tell me to go to my room. There I had to remove my pants, underpants and socks, and that she'd be in to talk to me in a while I would sit on my bed and wait for her to come up. Sometimes she'd make me wait for hours, just sitting there in my room bare-bottomed. I guess that was to make me sit and think about how bad I had been.

    Once she'd finally come to my room she would lecture me and then spank me very hard with a belt. Then she would go about putting me in a cloth diaper and plastic pants. She would always make a big deal out of putting a diaper on me. I was always told that big boys didn't wet the bed, and that only babies wore diapers.

    She'd always fold the diapers together in front of me making sure it's was at least three diapers thick. I was always diapered just like you would a baby, with my ankles being held together and lifted up while a diaper was slid under me. She also always made a big deal out of showing me the little duckies or bunnies on the safety pins, which I felt she did to add the whole event.

      I would lay on my bed and cry as I was diapered. Once properly diapered she would take me by the hand and lead me around the block in just my diaper and T-shirt. I would be crying hysterically by the time we would get back home. My friends would all laugh at me and only make matters worse.

     My diaper punishment would usually last around a week. I was diapered 24/7 during my punishments. During diaper punishment, I would have to remove my pants to go play with a friend if it was summer. If we were at a family gathering she made me pull down my pants and show everyone my diapered behind, telling everyone how I had wet the bed.

     I can still remember the look of embarrassment my grandmother had every time I had to show her my diapers. If I had to go to the bathroom while being punished, I would have to ask my mother to remove my diaper, so I could go potty. I would go potty and then have to go to her to get rediapered.

     Wetting a diaper, while being punished, or having a daytime accident, by wetting my pants, was a whole different ballgame. She would do something called remedial potty training for this offense.

     When she would put me into her remedial potty training, she would either diaper me and tell me I had to wet it, or if I already had a diaper on she would leave me in it for hours until it was drenched. I wasn't allowed to use the toilet and had to do all my potties in my diapers.

    She would leave me in a wet and soiled diapers until I had developed a bad diaper rash and then spank me. Boy did I hate getting spanked while I had diaper rash. I can still remember how nasty it felt to have a completely soiled and soaked diaper on my bottom for hours on end.

    She felt that the only way for me to learn was to understand how it felt to be cold and wet, with a dirty lump in the back of my diaper. Poop all smashed and crusted to your butt is really gross!!

        I would beg her to change me but she never would until she was good a ready. She would just laugh at me and tell me I had earned it. Remedial potty training would last for a month and I was diapered full time.

       I also had to hand wash all my own diapers in the toilet until she felt they were clean enough. I had a special butter knife under the sink to scrap the poop out of the diapers and then I had to rinse then in the toilet.

         Once she felt they were clean enough she'd get out the old-fashioned wash bucket and make me scrub them on the wash board until they were snow white again. Then I would have to hang them out to dry on the clothes line outside.

      The last week of remedial potty training consisted of sitting on a potty chair for three hours at a time for three times during the day. A total of nine hours a day sitting in the bathroom on a potty chair. I learned that cleaning the potty seat was much easier than cleaning diapers, so I would take full advantage of the potty seat anytime I could.

    Every time I was released from the potty chair I was promptly diapered and sent outside to play with my friends, or if it was late I got to go to bed. The only exception to these rules was during the school year. Homework came first and I was not sent to school in diapers.

   After I would get home and do my homework, she would promptly diaper me and make me follow all the rules of either remedial potty training or just plain diapers for wetting the bed, depending on which punishment I had deserved.

     There were however, two exceptions to her not diapering my for school. The first time was when I was in fourth grade. I was in class and had to go pee really badly. I raised my hand and asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom.

     She told me I was going to have to wait and a short time later I could no longer hold it and I lost control of my bladder and peed all over myself. My teacher sent me to the nurse and the nurse called my mother. She told the nurse not to get me cleaned up, as she would be there shortly.

     Mother kept her word and arrived a short time later, with a bag of stuff. She asked the nurse if she could talk to me in private. The nurse excused herself and left. I was shaking and very scared of what my mother might do. She told me that she had laid out the belt on my bed and I would be getting a spanking when I got home from school.

     In the meantime, since I had wet myself like a little baby, it was clear to her that I needed to be diapered. She opened up the bag a started getting out my diapers and plastic pants. I begged and pleaded for her to please reconsider.

  Mom only laughed at me as she laid out the stuff she needed. I was crying like a little baby as she pulled down my wet pants and underpants. As she told me to lay down on the sick bed I felt my whole body go numb. I almost fell on the bed as my knees felt weak. I just could believe she was going to diaper me right there in school!

   It finally became clear she was going though with this as she pick up my feet by the ankles and slid the folded diapers under me. I was a wreck, crying loudly as she pulled the diaper up between my legs and fastening it tightly at each side with the yellow bunny safety pins.

   The plastic pants sent me into a cold sweat. The only thing that made me feel any better was a pair of overall jeans she pulled out of her bag of tricks. They would at least hide the outline of my diaper.

     Once I was redressed mom patted me on the behind and told me to go back to class. I asked her if she was kidding, but just like everything else mom said she meant it. I went back to class and sat very quietly in my seat hoping not to attract attention. I made it though that day with out no one noticing my diapers. Thank god!!!.

     The second time I was sent to school in diapers, I wasn't so lucky. I had spent the weekend at my mother's best friend's house Jeanie. She wasn't my actual Aunt, but had been around since I was born and everyone called her my Aunt. My mother had had to go out of town to a funeral and I got to stay at my Aunts house. I really liked her before that weekend.

      My mother dropped me off after school and I went in and started playing with Aunt Jeanie's sons. They were 4 and 8 years old. We had supper and played with matchbox cars right up until bedtime. I was shown my room for the weekend and went in and got my P.J.'s on and went to bed. Sometime around three a.m. I remember having a dream about standing around a camp fire and I was peeing in it.

    A short while later I was awakened to the all too familiar feeling of a cold wet bed. I was in a panic. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I got a towel to try and dry the bed with, and must have been making too much noise, because, shortly Aunty Jeanie was standing in the doorway watching me.

    She startled me when she asked what I was doing. I started cry and told her I must have wet her bed. She went completely sideways on me and was yelling at me like I never heard her yell before.

   She told me I was disgusting and that she was calling my mother to tell her right now. I knew then I was in for it big time. I ran after her and begged her not to make the call, but she just wouldn't listen to me.

    When my Mother heard what I had done, she immediately ask her if she had any diapers she could put on me. Since Aunt Jeanie's boys had been potty trained for at least two years, she said she didn't think she did.

    Aunt Jeanie went upstairs to her youngest son's room and dug in his closet, all the time talking to my mother. I was praying she wouldn't find any, but after a long search she managed to find a half empty box of Pampers. My heart sank as she pulled the box out of the closet.

   She told my Mother she had some Pampers and my Mother asked to speak to me on the phone.

I was crying as she handed me the phone. My mother told me I was to be very ashamed of myself, and if I gave Aunt Jeanie and trouble, she would make sure I paid for it when she got home.

     I handed the phone back to Aunt Jeanie and the two of them talk about what was going to happen to me. They said their good bye's and hung up. The second Aunt Jeanie put down the phone, she grabbed me by the collar and drug me to the kitchen, grabbed a wooden spoon and took me back to the guest room.

    I was still in my wet pajamas. But not for much longer. She sat down on the bed, pulled me over her knees, ripped down my pajama bottoms and underwear and proceeded to blister my backside with the wooden spoon. I kicked and screamed as each swat assaulted my bottom.

   After around twenty swats, She picked me up and lay me down on the bed on my back. I was crying and rubbing my now flaming backside as she went to the corner and retrieved one of the large Pampers from it's box.

    When she came back to the bed Aunt Jeanie opened the pamper up and showed it to me. She talked baby talk to me as she grabbed my feet by the ankles and lifted my butt off the bed, and slid the pamper under me. I heard it crinkle as I was lowered onto it and shortly there after found myself snugly taped into my first ever pamper.

   I immediately noticed how much noise the pamper made as I moved around on the bed. Aunt Jeanie laughed at me and told me It was a good thing I was still kind of small, and if I had been much bigger the pamper may not have fit me. She said, " I hope you like the Pampers because your going to be wearing one for the rest of your stay with me."

    The bed I was sleeping in was wet so she told me she was going to make me sleep in a portable crib she had stored in the attic. She left the room and returned a short while later and set up the crib she had retrieved from the attic.

    My pajama bottoms where still wet so she made me sleep in the crib with just my P.J. top and my Pamper. I cried myself to sleep that night. The next morning I woke up hoping the previous night was just a bad

nightmare but as I opened my eyes I saw the slats on the crib I was sleeping in and worst of all, as I moved I heard the rustling of my Pamper.

      I sat up in my crib and looked down at the Pamper I was wearing and was disgusted that my bladder had shamed me again. I began to think I never was going to stop wetting beds and began again to cry. I could hear my Aunt's boys outside of my room and before I could cover myself with a blanket both boys burst into the room.

     Both of their mouths dropped open as they saw me in the crib, in just a Pamper and my P.J. top. The oldest of the boys, Greg, was firing questions at me about my attire. I told him to mind his own business. My Aunt must have been in the hall because she came in and told the boys why I was dressed that way.

    She told them that I had wet her brand new mattress and that grown boys didn't wet the bed. Since I was obviously just a little boy it was clear that I needed diapers. Both boys laughed, making several comments about me, and Aunt Jeanie joined right in, telling both her boys she was sure happy they weren't like me.

    For about the hundredth time I cried, sobbing big tears. Aunt Jeanie came over to me and picked me up out of the crib and took me downstairs for breakfast. I was in no mood to eat and when she sat glass of milk down by me I swatted it over.

   She just shook her head and told me I was only making it worse on myself and ordered me to go sit on the couch and wait for her. Both boys made jokes as I waddled my way into the living room. My diaper crinkled loudly with each step, and was a painful reminder the entire way.

     A short while later She came in and said since I was also unable to handle drinking from a big boy glass she was going to feed me from a baby bottle and ordered me to come and get in her lap. Feeling like I had just lost a war I went and sat in her lap. She laid me down and put the bottle to my lips. I opened my mouth and took in the bottle.

   As I started sucking from it, it became clear that it wasn't milk, but instead was infant formula. I stopped sucking only to be told I had better finish my bottle if I knew what was good for me.

   After I finished my bottle I felt the calling of mother nature, so I asked Aunt Jeanie to remove my diaper. She told me it was going to work that way. She was only going to take off my diaper if it needed changed and that the bathroom was off limits to me.

  My heart sank. I tried to hold it but in another hour or so I lost that battle and flooded my diaper. Aunt Jeanie found my wet diaper in about another half hour and promptly changed me into a clean one.

     After my diaper change she took me and the other two boys to the store for some pants that would fit over my diapers better, because she found the pants I had brought with me would barely fit over the bulk of my diaper.

    We went to Sears and she tried pants on me right in the aisle showing the whole world my diapers. I wanted to die when a lady came up and asked how old I was. My Aunt told her I was ten.. The lady looked surprised and said I could pass for six and that she thought six was a little old not to be potty trained, but ten was terrible.

    She got down on her knees and took my face in her hand and told me I had better try harder to get potty trained or no woman would ever want me. Both my Aunt and the lady laughed. The lady stood up and she patted me on the diapered behind and left.

     My Aunt's boys were laughing at what they had both witnessed. We continued looking for pants, and found a couple pair of jeans with elastic in the waist and some sweat pants. After she found me some pants we went to the sleepwear department.

    There she found a couple of blanket sleepers with feet and zippers that went from ankle to chin. One was bright yellow and had Winnie The Pooh embroidered on the chest. The other was baby blue and had Elmo on it. On the way out of the store we stopped in the baby department where she bought a Nuk pacifier and a teddy bear with little rattles in it. It was around two P.M. When we got back to her house.

      She told me all babies need to take naps, so after she gave me a bottle, she was making me take one. I was dressed in one of my blanket sleepers and given a bottle and then laid down in my crib for a nap. Aunt Jeanie put the teddy bear in my crib with me and held out the pacifier for me to put in my mouth. I lay there and fell asleep for around and hour. The rest of the weekend was more of the same thing. She and her boys made fun of me the whole time.

    When Monday morning came I expected to get a pair of underpants for school and woke up happy because of it. Aunt Jeanie had another plan. She gave me a morning bottle and after that took off my sleeper and diaper. I was told to go get a bath and return to the living room when I finished. I took a short bath and returned to find her waiting in the living room with a stack of clothes for me.

   There was a pair of light blue sweat pants and a sweat shirt that went with it, a pair of sock and large Pamper sitting to the side. Her boys were in the living room waiting to watch her dress me. I protested the second I saw the Pamper. I told her there was no way I was wearing that to school. She grabbed the phone and said "fine then we will just call your mother and ask her what she wants us to do."

   Knowing I couldn't win I sighed and went over and lay down on the couch by her. I pleaded with her not to send me to school in a Pamper because there was no way I could hide it from my classmates. My begging fell on deaf ears as she diapered me. Once I was diapered she put my sweat shirt on and then my socks.

    Finally She had me stand up so I could step into my sweat pants. After she pulled them up she patted me on the bottom and laughed. I took two steps and heard just how loud my Pamper was under my sweats. There was no way in hell I was going to be able to hide this.

    Greg, her oldest son was watching for the bus and yelled that it was coming down the street. We had to run to catch it and Greg got a big laugh listening to my diaper as I ran. When we got to school I got off the bus and went to class hoping to beat everyone there.

   When I entered the room there was already ten kids there and I had to walk right past them to get to my desk. As I walked by them one girl noticed right away and asked me if I had a diaper on. I just laughed it off and told her no. Her desk was near mine and she watched me all morning, and from time to time would ask me if I was sure I wasn't wearing a diaper. I sat as still as I could until lunch.

  My teacher must have thought I was sick because I usually was a very active boy. Many days I was told to sit down or be quiet, but today I was as quiet as a church mouse. During the walk to the lunch room a couple more kids noticed my crinkling pants and several of them started laughing.

      After lunch was recess and I knew I was going to get teased during it. I went to a far off corner hoping to get away from everyone. It didn't work and I found myself surrounded by my classmates. One of the bullies came up to me and said, "the whole class thinks your wearing a diaper." I was still trying to deny that, so as a group they tackled me and took of my sweat pants.

     I wanted to cry. All the girls laughed and said I looked cute. The boys took my sweat pants and threw them in the woods by the playground. One of the girls took my shoes and tied little bells into my laces and knotted them so tight I could take them off.

    The bell rang and everyone ran for the door I was left standing there in my sweatshirt and diaper. I ran to the woods and got my sweat pants, put them on and went back to class. By the time I got there the class had told my teacher and she meet me at the door. I was crying because I was so humiliated.

    She helped me get the bells out of my shoes and asked me why I had a diaper on. I lied and told her I had hurt myself and was having problem not wetting my pants and that my mother thought it would help me. She told me kids are mean and she was sorry they made fun of me and asked me if I would like her to call my mom to come and get me.

     I didn't want her to call my Aunt so I told her no. She took me back into class and made the whole room say they were sorry. She told them all that if anyone made fun of me she was giving them a detention. After school she handed me a note and told me to give it to my mother.

     When I got off the bus. My mother's car was in my Aunt's driveway. I went in and she ask how my weekend was. As I walked over to her she heard the crinkling of my Pamper and she started laughing. She had no idea my Aunt had sent me to school in a Pamper. She patted me on the butt and laughed some more.

     I gave her the note from my teacher and she read it. It basically said that she wished I wasn't sent to school in diapers because it was a big disruption in the class. Both my mother and my aunt got a big kick out of the note and asked me about my day. I told them everything that happened.

     I spent many more years after that being punished much the same way. My mother only used Pampers after that because they attracted so much more attention. She also like my Aunt's contribution of sleepers and stuff and from that point on I got to look like a baby as well. My aunt never trusted me again and as a result, she made me wear diapers to bed anytime I slept over. Accident or not.

     As I got older the Pampers got tighter and I felt I would soon outgrow them. Since I was still having bed wetting accidents and could see no end in sight I felt growing was my out. About that time Pampers started offering bigger sizes and I was convinced my mother was on the board at Proctor and Gamble.

    It just seemed like as I would out grow a size a new size would show up. It felt like Pampers was making diapers just for me and was soon going to be offering adult sizes just to make sure I always had diapers.

    Then finally one day it happened. It was just after my thirteenth birthday. I wet the bed and was about to be punished like usual. My mother came upstairs. I was bare-bottomed and waiting. I got my spanking and she started diapering me. It wouldn't fit . Now I was happy I thought diapers were gone for good. She was pissed and I made some smart-mouthed comment about her not being able to punish me anymore.

    Well a lot I knew. Mom made me find my cold wet pajama bottoms and underwear and put them back on. After I was redressed she made me get in the car. We went down to the local drug store and we went in.

     Once in the store I was lead down the aisle until we stopped at a shelf marketed adult briefs. She looked at me and said, "now Mr. smartass we will see who is going to have the last laugh."

    After finding what she wanted we went to the front of the store to pay. I had no idea what was in the bag she picked up until she explain what it was and in front of everyone standing in line I might add. My cheeks grew hot as we paid for the Attends, and my face was bright red.

    The clerk behind the counter was a teenage girl that lived two houses up from us. I was starting to notice girls and had a big crush on her. As she rang up our purchase she giggled and asked my mother if they were for me. Mom giggled back and pointed out my wet pajama bottoms to her.

    We went back home and went upstairs. Mom ripped open the bag of Attends briefs and showed on of them to me. It looked just like the Pampers I had been wearing except it had two extra tapes and was much bigger.

     Mom just laughed as she put me in the diaper, probably because she knew I was completely defeated. Once she finished, just like usual, we took her victory lap around the block with me in tow in just an adult diaper and a T-shirt.

    I never did get that nighttime dryness thing down the entire time I spent at home. The laps around the block finally stopped but the diapers continued. She had several babysitters through out my life and all of them knew the routine. My family always got a good chuckle out of seeing my diapers when I was made to show them off.

      His parents were devorced and if I remember correctly it was his dad who got custody of him and the diaper discipline finally stopped for him. When he did share this with me you could see the pain and torment in his eyes. The many years of such emotionally painful things done to him. All over a problem he couldn't help.

      When will people realize that bed wetters can't control the accidents. They are not being lazy, they are not doing it for attention. Bed wetting is a medical problem that like any other needs the support of family to help support them till they recover from it. Simple as that.

       Thank you for taking the time to read about Glenn's experience with diaper discipline.