The articles below are from news papers from around the world who ran stories about parents using diaper discipline on children in their care. Below is the copy of the news story as well as a link to the new website where each news article is from. I am beyond happy to all my work is getting results and parents are finally being arrested for this horrible form of abuse. And to get these kids into a real home where they can be loved and feel safe. Anyway, here are the new stories to date. the most recent at the top of the page and of course the oldest new stories at the bottom of the page. Thank you for caring about the children everyone! :)

(Article below in newspaper on May 14th, 2013)
Controversy at NW Indiana school over punishment of 5-year-old:

The owner and administrator of Children of the Earth Montessori School in Highland had some explaining to do at a meeting scheduled for parents, Friday night.

This all started last week when a 5-year old student told his parents he was forced to wear a diaper over his clothes at school for “acting like a baby.”

School administrator Alejandra Keefe says a teacher’s aide, who put the diaper on the child, was fired and the lead teacher in the classroom is suspended indefinitely.

“There was no excuse for either of the two teachers present in the classroom at that moment. They made a really bad choice. One person because she did it and the other one because she didn’t stop it,” said Keefe.

The school serves about 50 children, ages 2 to 6.  Keefe says she is investigating whether any other students were disciplined with diapers.

(Article below in newspaper on May 9th, 2012)
Couple arrested for diaper discipline:

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - AP Police say a Minnesota mother and her boyfriend shaved the head of her 12-year-old daughter and made her run up and down the street in a diaper because she wasn't getting good grades.

A neighbor called police Monday night after a crowd of about 50 people gathered in Fridley, near Minneapolis, to watch the girl, who was also wearing a tank top. Police Lt. Mike Monsrud tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press the girl was crying and hysterical when an officer approached her.

Police arrested the couple. They are being held in the Anoka County Jail. Monsrud says both were laughing on the way to jail and questioning why police got involved in the incident.

The girl and three younger children have been placed in foster care.


(Article below in newspaper on January 26, 2012)

Trial Set For Ozarks Woman Accused of Making 8 Year Old Child Wear a Diaper in Public

Helen Brown is charged with child abuse and will be tried by a judge
A bench trial is set for an Ozarks woman accused of child abuse.

Helen Brown waived her right to a jury trial today in court and will instead be tried by a judge at the end of next month. She and Lee Ann Howard are both charged with child abuse after authorities say they found an 8-year-old child underfed and sleep deprived in their home in Rogersville. 

Howard will also have a bench trial next month. Witnesses told police the women made the child wear a diaper in public as a punishment.